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Profile feature for the Shepherd Centre

When not singing, Rebecca is one of the Shepherd Centre’s talented Listening & Spoken Language Therapist’s. She was recently profiled by the Centre ahead of her trip to Berlin to perform in Mozart's Don Giovanni at The Berlin Opera Academy.

Read the full profile on the Shepherd Centre's website.

Notable quotes:

"I feel that my musical training, particularly in singing , helps me to listen very carefully and pick up on the subtleties of speech and communication."

"Listening to music engages so many parts of the brain at once, giving your brain a ‘listening workout’ . Music also fosters beautiful connections between parents and their children as they use songs to play games, make transitions and develop a strong attachment to each other."

"Most importantly my musical training makes me always grateful for the gift of sound and communication through sound. My love of music connects me deeply with the joy of helping children with hearing loss to access and interact with the world of sound."

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